The most common question we get asked when booking a photo session is what to wear. Foremost, the Blinnk team always wants you to be comfortable and wearing something that brings out your personality; however, I do have some advice that can assist couples, families, and groups in getting those outstanding photographs.

Here are some basic “rules of thumb” to help you make the best wardrobe decision for your party:

  • Solid colors or simple patterns with just a few colors are always the best because they do not distract from the important parts of the photograph: you! Please keep in mind, however, if you are booked for a sunset session stay away from the colors of the sky. Wearing red, orange, or light pinks will put you at risk of blending into the sunset when we want you to stand out.
  • Having a general color scheme or pattern makes your party look coordinated, but try mixing up clothing styles between each member. This way, everyone will still look like an individual. If you are stumped, you can always find good inspiration in fashion adds such as Polo Ralph Lauren; in the photographs of large parties, every person has a completely different outfit on, but they all compliment each other!
  • Finally, make sure you like the outfit you are wearing! So many people make the mistake of going out and purchasing a new outfit that they have never worn before in order to look fashion-forward or current in their photos, and then dislike the outcome! Just like in every-day occurrences: if you are unsure of what outfit to wear, go with your “go-to.”

At the end of the day – regardless of whatever apparel you chose to wear – we only request that you don’t mind moving around or even getting a bit dirty! The best shots are natural, when our clients are not concerned with what they are wearing! For more “apparel advice,” check out our more extensive guide regarding what to wear to your Hawaiian photo shoot here, or your Park City, Utah photo shoot here.

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– Marriott Waikiki