5 reasons to do your session at the Waikoloa Marriott, Big Island

1. Rare white sand beach

The Big Island of Hawaii is known for many things; active volcanoes, 11 of the 13
climate zones in the world, Manta Rays you can swim with, the death of Captain James Cook, etc., but one thing it is not known for is white sandy beaches. This island is still geologically new, and most of the coastline is still lava rock. Out of the handful of white sand beaches, one of them is located at the beautiful Anaeho’omalu Bay, right here at the Waikoloa Beach Marriott. For the Big Island, it’s a large beach, bigger even than the ever-popular Kua Bay. And because it is located on resort
grounds, it’s not nearly as crowded as public or state beaches. It’s perfect for strolling down, hand in hand, or letting the kids play for some cute candid shots, or enjoying your family reunion.

Big Island Beach

White Sandy Beaches

2. Jungle greenery

Not only does the Waikoloa Marriott have your quintessential beach/palm
tree/ocean background, it also boasts some impressive jungle. This gives yourphotos a lot of drama, and offers something unique at the same time. Once you see Hawaiian jungle, it’s unforgettable. Capture those memories here, only two minutes away from the hotel.


Green Jungles in Hawaii

3. Plenty of secluded locations

Unlike a lot of resorts in more populated areas, the Waikoloa area has expansive grounds a small population. This means no crowds! It’s rare to run into other guests on your photo adventure, so you’ll never have people in the background as you meander down to the beach. So whether you’re on your honeymoon and want some privacy to show some affection, or are just a little shy, there are plenty of secluded, and beautiful, locations your photographer can take you.


Private Locations

4. Sunset over the bay

A Bay, as it’s known locally, faces directly west—into the setting sun. This makes for outstanding views—year round too because Hawaii is so close to the equator. The sun never moves laterally enough to take it out of the background. So no matter what time of year you go on vacation, you will always have a gorgeous Hawaiian sunset over the ocean.


Sunset on the Bay

5. Free 5×7!

If you stay at the Waikoloa Marriott, your photo session includes a complimentary 5×7 photo! Who doesn’t like free stuff?

Free 5x7

Free Family Photo


– written by Sara (Waikoloa Marriott)