When booking a session, Blinnk clients often ask for the typical backdrop location of the beach, as well as some Hawaiian palm trees. For the Blinnk Photography team, changing it up and giving our customers a new aspect on what Hawaii has to offer is always exciting because the final product is a special treat for the client. Hawaii has beautiful scenery and so many different things to offer its visitors, and our photographers at Blinnk enjoy capturing it all for your memories. Two of our favorite things to capture in the background of your images are our beautiful banyan trees as well as Diamond Head Volcano Crater.

Most clients especially would not expect these weird trees to look nice in a photo and are a little apprehensive about these locations, but once they come back to view all of their images they almost always turn out to be their favorite photographs. The banyan trees and the volcano are both unique to Hawaii and so rich in character and story. They captures the clients’ Hawaiian adventures. Making the clients’ session personal and memorable, instead of another photo shoot on the beach, will surely leave them excited and feeling like they were able to get everything they wanted from their Blinnk Photography photo shoot!

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– written by Marriot Waikiki