Light plays one of the largest roles in having that perfect photo captured. For us, Hawaii photographer, you’d think, “Well great, it’s sunny there all the time. We can get our photos taken at any time of the day, right?” This is far from the truth.

If we conducted our shoots in an air-conditioned studio, with a fake tropical backdrop, we could do this. However, since ours take place in the natural beauty of this world, and our light source cannot be altered, the optimal times for us are the morning and evening sun.Photography Sessions in Hawaii, Hawaii Photographer Blinnk Photography

The more angled the sun is to its subject, the more light reflection it will receive. This is caused by the sun’s rays having more atmosphere to travel through. This makes the rays diffuse and causes them to bounce off the ground, resulting in an illuminated subject. Morning and evening light also creates a nice natural glow, which will make your photographs all the more beautiful.

Now, if you were having a photo shoot done in midday when the sun is more directly overhead, the light becomes very harsh. Shadows become extremely exaggerated and light’s natural warmth, becomes nothing more than a bright white.

Photography Sessions in Hawaii, Hawaii Photographer Blinnk Photography

In these types of conditions your lasting memories caught on film, would be less than ideal. Not to mention since this is Hawaii, it’s always a lot warmer during the middle of the day… and who wants their photograph keepsakes to be riddled with sweat? So when you plan for your photo shoot while on your vacation to Hawaii, be sure to leave either a morning or evening free for the best possible outcome.

-written by Laurel (Blinnk Photography at Marriott Waikoloa Beach)