Sunset is by far our most coveted time slot here in Hawaii. So many families desire vivid oranges and bright blues as they dance and play in the sand in front of our camera. Couples want an electric sunburst between their lips as the sun touches sparkling waters and rays beam at the birth of dusk. When our sunset sessions are booked it leaves people wondering if they should book a morning session or just hope for a cancelation. I strongly encourage people not to wait.

A sunrise session starts early, but the results are well worth waking up at the “crack of dawn” and experiencing what mornings in Hawaii have to offer.

Wave Crashes

Soft Wave Crashes at Dawn

A morning session means soft light with a pallet of fresh blues and cool greens. Followed by flowers that are freshly opened and aren’t withering from heat of the day. Temperatures are cooler and trade winds softly blow through awakened palms creating the perfect stage in front of billowy white clouds.

Private Beaches

Empty Beaches and Swaying Palms for this Couple

A morning photography session in Hawaii also means freshly manicured grass and unobstructed ocean views. There is a certain calm and quiet as the sun begins to peek and you can hear the trickle of waterfalls.

Hawaii Resort

Experiencing the Quiet of The Resort

Sunrise also means empty beaches, which also provides a level of intimacy and privacy only achievable during a sunrise session.


A Private Proposal and Dance

So don’t wait for a cancelation. Hawaii provides the best level of nature’s beauty for your experience session whether it is at sunset or sunrise.


-written by Sarah (Blinnk Photography at Marriott Beach Club Ko Olina Beach)