Here in Hawaii, we are surrounded by such a stunning array of vibrant colors, so it’s easy to see why most people desire color photography when they contact Blinnk Photography. 
Color or Black and White? Photography in Hawaii by Blinnk Photography
Oftentimes before showing our clients their photos, they will let us know that they are not the biggest fan of black and white photos and yet we have witnessed these same people gasp in awe when they see a photo of themselves without an ounce of color.


So, are color photos more attractive than black and white? Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and it mostly depends on personal tastes. However there are some reasons why people might choose a color photo over black and white, and
vice versa.


Color Photos
  • They are bold, vibrant and eye-catching. 
  • They can communicate an atmosphere that may not be conveyed as well in black and white; for example, a beautiful Hawaiian sunset over the ocean.
  • They allow you to play with color palettes and use different hues to compliment or contrast. 
Black and White Photos
  • Color can sometimes be distracting. With the color removed, the main focus is now on the subject.
  • They can appear to be more dramatic and emotional. This is especially useful in portrait photography when trying to convey a specific feeling such as intimacy between a couple gazing into each other’s eyes.
  • Other elements of the photo are more prominent in black and white such as lighting and shadows.
There are certainly benefits to both types of photos depending on the story they are trying to tell.
Do you prefer the bright enthusiasm of color photos or the intensity of black and white? Or can you, like us, appreciate the beauty in both?


written by Claire (Blinnk Photography at Marriott Ko Olina Beach)