His name is Mason Golden and is the creative director at Blinnk Photography, Turtle Bay Resort. For two years, Mason’s job involves for him to make you feel comfortable in front of the camera, look amazing in pictures, and go home with stunning Hawaiian memories. Plus, he’s in charge of training all new photographers and team members for Blinnk Photography’s Oahu locations. It’s a tough job but you’ll hardly find a more enthusiastic and happy person to do it.

Finding the perfect match between Oahu and photography

For Mason Golden, photography is a passion, a way of expressing his creativity, and a job. He actually puts a thousand words into one picture and is happy to do it. He also packs a camera and a tripod when he goes on holiday and creates beautiful memories for his family. For those charmed by photography, it becomes a way of life.

Mason and expectant wife Gabby

At the same time, inspiration is everywhere on the island. The splendid landscape of Oahu is a continuous invitation to embrace nature and admire its wonders. Mason knows all the good places and if you ask him nicely he will share them with you.

If you know you know… Oahu’s North-East shore. Small towns, great local food, spectacular beaches, one of the last hidden gems left on Oahu.

Working on the beach every day is pretty great

Turtle Bay Resort is renowned for its beaches and has a long surfing history. It’s also a place for experiencing horseback riding and a world-famous golf course. With a wide range of activities at hand, the resort attracts tourists and locals, adventurous and families, sport and leisure fans. It can be hard to empathize with so many different clients, understand their personalities and preferences, and make them feel comfortable and smile in front of the camera. Not for Mason though, who finds it challenging and rewarding and overall a job that brings him joy.

What’s not to love about this job? Making people smile all day and creating memories that clients will treasure for a lifetime. There’s something very special about knowing that we’ve provided something that will last forever. Also working on the beach every day is pretty great.

Mason Golden is a lucky man who loves his job. But isn’t just luck, is a mix of passion, determination, hard work, and creativity. Add some Hawaiian flavor and the endless spirit of Aloha and you can imagine how a photo session at Turtle Bay Resort will be. In the end, we are the lucky ones.