Oftentimes when getting feedback from clients, the Blinnk Photography staff is told how fun the photo session was. Many families express to us that they previously avoided group photo sessions for so long because they believe them to be stressful and feel forced. Lets be honest: who wants to spend their hard-earned money on a photo session that is supposed to reflect happiness, joy, and love, but leaves a family with photos consisting of tense body-posture and fake smiles.

The Robinson Family came in for the photo session hoping to capture a few pictures with their 8-month-old daughter, Zoe, but they were given so much more than that. Not only did the family get sweet photographs of Zoe, but they also got memories that will forever remind them of their session, and how especially joyful Hawaii was for them.

At Blinnk Photography we are dedicated to capturing the perfect photos, so you can cherish these moments for a lifetime. When you book a session, just remember that the perfect photo is relative! It may be of everyone wearing all smiles or laughing, or maybe even making funny faces… It’s up to the personalities of the group! The true value of a photograph is when it makes you smile and evokes good memories, not where you are nitpicking your awkward pose or fake smile. It’s all in the memory it holds.

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– written by Marriot Waikiki