Four years ago, Melissa and Chris started a new chapter of their life together in Hawaii. During their vacation at Marriott’s Vacation Club in Ko Olina, Chris planned a surprise proposal with the help of his future mother-in-law. We were there to capture the moment and transform it into unforgettable memories. It was a beautiful milestone on their journey together and we were happy to have the privilege to be their witness.

Coming back to Ko Olina

Hawaii has a special way of making people come back. It may be because of the amazing views, outstanding waves, or welcoming Hawaiian people. Moreover, Hawaii makes everyone feel as if they finally arrived at home and everything makes sense again. It’s easier to make life decisions here; celebrate family; reconnect with nature. Thus it was no surprise for us that Melissa, Chris, and their families returned to Hawaii and picked exactly the same location. Ko Olina became the starting point of their new life together and it was natural for them to bring their 15-month-old daughter here.

It’s overwhelming to see people blossoming, becoming parents, and growing together. Their happiness is catchy. You can’t help it taking all in and adding it to their photos as a special ingredient.

The same stunning Hawaiian landscape welcomed their daughter with open arms. The sunset seemed more beautiful than ever. Probably because the little girl’s smile made the entire nature smile. Nevertheless, moments like this show us how much we need true connections in our lives. It may be a place we keep coming back to, people we love to share our lives with, or a decision that changed our path.

However, behind each photograph is a story. And behind each story is a journey, decisions that took us here step by step. We’re made of all our decisions and actions, of all people we’ve met, and of all places we’ve visited. We know Hawaii is a magical place. Yet, it wouldn’t be the same without the good energy of people who live here and of those who visit it. Therefore, we’re always grateful to be part of the story.