Adela and Martin met in Berlin, Germany a little over three years ago. In July, they solidified their love by tying the knot.  Two months after their wedding, they headed to the airport and off to the Hawaiian Islands for an almost 3-week honeymoon. During their stay on the Big Island, we had the chance to capture the true love between them with a beach photo session.

Couples Photography, Hawaii Photographer, Blinnk PhotographyThey booked one of our sunset sessions in Waikoloa and our photographer Sara was the lucky one to shoot them. The next day when Sara was here, I asked her how the shoot went, and the smile on her face told it all. She started talking about how much fun they were and that you could really see the love between them.

Later that day when they came in to go through their photos, I sure understood what Sara was talking about. You could almost feel the energy surging between the both of them. Going through their couples photos, they took their time in discussing each one; always coming to a joint decision. The love that they had for each other was truly remarkable.

Couples Photography, Hawaii Photographer, Blinnk PhotographyWe were overjoyed at being able to capture these special moments for Adela and Martin on their honeymoon. Don’t think you have to be newlyweds to capture your amazing memories. Whether you’re celebrating a 50th wedding anniversary or just friends on vacation, visiting the islands is always a wonderful experience and who wouldn’t want keepsakes of that.

-written by Laurel (Blinnk Photography at the Marriott Waikoloa Beach)