To honor the beginning of photography, we celebrate World Photography Day every year on August 19th. On August 19th 1839 the French government bought the Daguerreotype patent from Louis Daguerre and Joseph Nicephore Niepce. Then it announced the invention as a free gift to the world. This was the beginning of what we call today photography. Technology has changed a lot since then but the main principle remains the same: a gift to the world, a way of documenting the world, and a way of remembering the best moments of our lives.

Why should we celebrate World Photography Day? Today we can take picture anywhere and share them with the world in seconds. We can take selfies, use remote shutter releases and drones, and manipulate digital images in any way we want. Still, the true spirit of photography is very similar with the spirit of Aloha: love, compassion, and peaceful times. So how can you celebrate World Photography Day in Hawaii?

Appreciate candid photography on World Photography Day

Candid photography is still one of the most popular photography styles in Hawaii. It means taking pictures of people without a staged photo session. As a result, it’s perfect for family and children photos because you can just be yourself and play on a beach while a professional photographer catches the moment.

Hawaiian beaches invite you to water sports, relaxation, and wildlife adventures. Choose the sunrise or the sunset for a spectacular background and let the photographer work his magic.

Discover landscape photography in Hawaii

Hawaiian Islands have a special charm and reconnect you with the nature. Their amazing landscapes aren’t just a beautiful background; they are natural stories about the ocean, the tropical forests, and the white sand beaches. You can spot dolphins, turtles, and colorful parrots. You can choose trekking, hiking, walking down the coastline, biking, or kayaking.

The first landscape photograph was taken in 1904 by Edward Steichen. It’s called Moonlight: The Pond and it probably took several hours of exposure. But it’s the proof that the moonlight’s reflection on a forest pond is a moment that deserves to be remembered and cherished.

Love photography to celebrate World Photography Day

We all have photos of the loved ones displayed around the house. It’s a way of remembering great moments, childhood, holidays, or the best Christmas ever. It’s timeless, framed life. Hawaii attracts many people that celebrate new beginnings. It’s a location many look for engagements, weddings, honeymoons, baby showers, and anniversaries. Hawaii is welcoming and friendly; it makes you feel caressed and secure.

Celebrate love on World Photography Day and share the feeling around the islands.