After a long period of uncertainty and waiting, Hawaii reopens its gates for visitors. Therefore, we’re back too, stronger and wiser, ready to capture the most beautiful moments of your Hawaiian experience and transform them into memories.  Blinnk Photography is back again. We’ve missed you so much!

We hope you’re all well and healthy.  We hope you understood that life is a passing moment we don’t control. People like to believe they’re in control but the truth is they aren’t. “All we are is dust in the wind” like the song says. Nevertheless, we have the power to enjoy the beauty of nature, admire its greatness, and respect its wishes. We have the power to love, care, and respect. We know the spirit of Aloha.

Blinnk Photography loves to witness your memories, to be there when your child meets the ocean for the first time; when your loved one says “yes”; when your friends get together for an unforgettable holiday. The Hawaiian Islands provide an exotic background, with amazing sunsets and pristine beaches. Nature comforts us better than anything and we all need a little bit of comfort right now. We all need to have our families and friends closer, escape from the confinement of the city and explore our beautiful planet again. And what better place to start with than the tropical décor of Hawaii?

So let’s celebrate a new beginning every morning and not just when we remove a file from the calendar. Let’s not live in the future but in the present. Enjoy all seasons and all types of weather, travel as much as possible, discover the world, and embrace nature. We’re waiting for you at our beautiful Hawaiian locations with open arms, new adventures, and the same outstanding landscape. Aloha!