The patterns of Hawaii were brought to our attention by Aloha shirts. They’re a symbol of the islands and gather the colors and shapes of the tropical forest, the waves of the ocean, and the warm colors of the sunset. Aloha shirts are comfortable and fun, bold and relaxed. From Elvis Presley to Justin Bieber, many celebrities have chosen to wear them and they’ve quickly become a fashionable item. They still are fashionable and you can see the Hawaiian pattern in famous designers’ collections.

As a result, nothing will be more appropriate to wear for a photo session in Hawaii than the Hawaiian prints. Don’t worry; they make everyone look good. Their colors look amazing in beach photos and match with the luxuriant landscape.

The history of Aloha shirts

Before deciding to wear Aloha shirts, you should know their history. Colorful shirts with exotic prints appeared in Hawaii at the beginning of the XXth century. The prints had Japanese influences and some say they were first produced and sold by Kōichirō Miyamoto in his store, “Musa-Shiya the Shirtmaker”, in Honolulu. They were a success from the beginning and by the end of the 1930s, they had already become an industry. Aloha shirts arrived in the United States after the Second World War and were embraced by designers and celebrities.

A colorful family photo session

A family photo session in Hawaii is a fun experience for everybody. You can choose to explore the tropical forest or play on a secluded beach. Nevertheless, photo sessions are usually casual events where people wear comfortable clothes that allow them to run, play, and have fun. Many choose to wear matching clothes and enhance family spirit.

Hawaiian prints are a great choice for a photo session in Hawaii. They fit perfectly in the scenery and give you good vibes. Hawaiian prints usually have strong and happy colors, ranging from blue shades to bright red ones, exquisite orange shades, and rich green shades. It’s impossible to not find something on your taste.

Children clothes with bold patterns of Hawaii

Children portraits are precious memories. A professional photographer delivers high-quality pictures, perfect for displaying on the family wall. While kids look good in anything, wearing Hawaiian patterns give them a playful air. Moreover, kids will love Hawaiian prints because they feature flowers, birds, and other elements that catch their attention.

The patterns of Hawaii keep you connected to the lovely landscape of the islands. They remind you to embrace nature, love people and animals and be a better person. No wonder that Hawaiians wear them in both casual and business occasions. It’s like wearing your heart on the outside. Aloha!