An old Hawaiian saying says “There is life in a kindly reply – Ua ola no i ka pane a ke aloha.” That synthesizes the essence of friendship. Even if I don’t have anything to give you, I’ll give you kind words and support. Even in my hardest times, I’ll have a reply to your calling. Friends can’t fix your world but can give you the strength to fix it by yourself. That’s the true meaning of friendship.

We’re in this together

Whether you want to explore the world, enroll in a new adventure, or quietly contemplate nature, your friends are ready to come with you. Friendship has the power to know exactly what you need and when. At some point in your life, you may need wise words or silence, companionship or loneliness, laughter or tears. You can be sure your friends will understand and make it possible. Even when your paths split and doing things together becomes impossible, your friendship is still there to lift your mood and make you stronger.

I’ll stand by you

Friendship teaches us not only to receive but also to give. It’s a responsibility and it goes both ways. Your friends take care of you and you take care of them. Together you have more balance and focus. Sharing spiritual moments is a great way to open new channels of communication and have amazing experiences. It takes our friendship to a more elevated level, beyond material things and day to day actions.

No words, big friendship

Some of the best friends in the world don’t speak our language. Actually, they don’t speak at all. However, they’re the best thing that ever happened to us. Animals have an outstanding capacity for love and friendship. They’re loyal, empathic, and fearless. Their tenderness is unimaginable. Besides, it’s impossible to hide your feelings from them. In their immense innocence and dedication, animals win our hearts forever.

Friendship has many meanings and ways to make our life better. But it requires dedication, an open heart, and a selfless attitude. If you’re lucky to have your friends by your side, be grateful and remember that you have to be there for them too. Don’t get caught in your life so much that you don’t have time for others. Remember the good times and learn from the bad ones. In the end, friendship shapes our character and teaches us valuable lessons.