Hawaiian people are deeply connected with their environment and celebrate nature in all their activities. As a result, Hawaiian cuisine is full of flavors and devoted to local ingredients and traditions. You can easily recognize the taste of Aloha, of gratitude and joyful living, in food and beverages from all around the islands. Experience the Hawaiian culture from breakfast to dinner and fall in love with a menu full of tropical flavors and good food.

Breakfast menu with local products

Celebrating the fishing and farming culture of Hawaii, Mauka Makai offers an exquisite breakfast suited for a king. Their menu is devoted to the farm-to-table movement and uses ingredients grown within a 20-mile radius. Start the day with everything your heart desires from salty to sweet, from cold to hot, from fresh fruits to parfaits, from a shot of espresso to breakfast libations.

Lunch with a view

It’s so beautiful in Hawaii that it’s hard to stay away from the outstanding scenery. Fortunately, you don’t have to. There are plenty of restaurants and bistros that provide both lunch and a view. It can be an ocean view or one to the tropical forest, a rustic atmosphere, or a luxurious one. Menus also vary from traditional Hawaiian food to international cuisine, from fast food to slow-cooked dishes. You can reserve as much time as you want for lunch and then go back to exploring the islands.

Time for dessert

With so many outdoor activities, dessert is a sweet necessity. Whether you choose traditional pancakes with syrup, chocolate-based desserts, or tropical fruits, you won’t be disappointed. For a complete experience, separate the dessert from the main meals of the day. Take a break in the afternoon and enjoy something sweet on the beach. Or have a sweet brunch to recharge your batteries for more surfing or swimming.

Light dinner plus a cocktail

Hawaii is an amazing place for food lovers but don’t overdo it. Take an early, light dinner. Choose a fish-based dish or some salad and leave space for a delicious fruity cocktail. Enjoy your dinner outside, watching the sunset, and let the perfect cocktail be the perfect ending of the day. A good night’s sleep and an early morning start will get you ready for the next day of your Hawaiian vacation.

Be curious and open to local cultures when you travel and you won’t regret it. Food doesn’t have to be expensive. It has to be made with care and love, from fresh ingredients, and sustainably. Respect the planet that feeds you and it’ll take care of you.