We inherit Christmas traditions from our parents and grandparents. On top of that, we add traditions inspired by movies, friends, and city life. As a result, we’re in constant comparison with other people and ourselves. Holidays become a stressful and hurtful experience. What if the children don’t get what they want, the table isn’t full enough, and Christmas decorations aren’t shiny enough? How will I pay for Christmas?

If you’re caught in this vortex, stop. How about choosing just the traditions you enjoy or, even better, creating your own traditions? How about replacing gifts with quality time and staying in line in shops with traveling in exotic places?

A Hawaiian Christmas getaway

Hawaii is a tropical destination that provides peace and tranquility. While the islands are dressed for the season, they keep their welcoming and calming atmosphere. Enjoy a sunset walk along the white-sand beaches, embrace the splendid ocean views, and recharge your batteries with water activities, hiking, and biking.

Like Santa’s bag, Hawaii has everything you need. A day at the spa for extreme relaxation, signature cuisine for Christmas flavors, and already planed children activities are just some of them. So leave all your trouble at home and enjoy the true spirit of the holidays.

Discover new places and cultures

Traveling gives you the opportunity to discover new places and people. Especially on holidays, you can experience different cultures and understand the wider meaning of Christmas. For example, in Hawaii, Christmas decorations include orchids and other local flowers, Santa may be dressed in Hawaiian clothes, and the celebration may take place on the beach among ukulele and hula dancers. In essence, Christmas is a Christian holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and is about joy and kindness.

Take your favorite Christmas traditions with you

Traveling on Christmas has another advantage. It helps you choose the traditions you really care for. For example, if wearing Christmas pajamas was something you loved being a child, you’ll pack them for your children too. If Christmas gifts are something you don’t want to give up, you’ll take them with you or improvise at the destination. And if the traditional Christmas feast is your favorite tradition, you’ll book a table at a local restaurant that offers that. New traditions and old traditions work very well together.

So ask yourself what really matters: family time, presents, delivering to everyone’s expectations, keeping traditions, or enjoying the holidays? Experience traveling for the holidays to have more time for your family and create new traditions together.