High school senior portraits mark an important milestone in your life. They’re your chance to show friends and families who you’ve become, showcase your personality, and create amazing memories. You can use them to customize graduation announcements or frame them as a goodbye present for your parents before going to college. Even those who had old headshots taken at school or the local photo studio as senior portraits cherish them forever. That’s because this moment is the beginning of a new life. Yours.

Unlike the usual selfies you take every two days, senior portraits are professional photos and deserve a special location and some thought. Thus check out the following ideas for high school senior portraits in Hawaii.

Bring your favorite items or props

It will be easier to feel comfortable in front of the camera if you bring your favorite items or some props. Senior portraits are for most of us our first professional photos. Finding a pose that flatters you isn’t easy. Yet, holding your guitar (or even playing during the photo session) or a funny hat may help you relax and have fun. There are no rules when it comes to your senior portraits. You can experiment as much as you like.

Add a personal touch to your senior portraits

There are tones of lists with what to do and what to avoid at a photo session. However, they don’t apply to you. All you have to do is enjoy this moment and make it memorable. Bring several outfits and see which goes best with the amazing Hawaiian landscape. Or wear your school’s team T-shirt. Have faith in the photographer and let the real you shine. It’s the first day of the rest of your life! It’s all about you.

Complete your senior portraits with Hawaiian motifs

Hawaii is inspiring in many ways. Try to incorporate Hawaiian motifs in your photo session to remember why you chose this place. It may be the local custom of wearing flowers in your hair. It may be a surfing experience you’ve just had or the Hawaiian profound connection with nature. Look around you and embrace the Hawaiian scenery. Don’t forget that the golden hour is perfect for portraits as the warm colors of sunset flatter the skin and make your hair glow.

High school senior portraits have to be amazing. Regardless of how talented your photographer is, your photos won’t look good unless you relax and have fun. Be yourself, enjoy the Hawaiian islands, and treasure this moment forever.