When you come to Hawaii for the first time you can be sure it won’t be the last time. The taste of Aloha will follow and tempt you all the way. Celebrating 4th of July here it’s a great occasion to inhale the spirit of the islands and the smell of the sea.

4th of July fireworks and celebration around Hawaii

Independence Day is a day of celebration and fun. Whether you choose Oahu, Maui, or the Big Island, you won’t miss the fireworks shows and the parties. After an outstanding sunset on a Hawaiian beach and a night with fireworks lighting the sky, you’ll be sure this is the best night out.

Culinary experience: Hawaiian food ready for the party

Hawaii has a tasty and flavored local cuisine. The ingredients are fresh and locally produced, and food diversity ranges from fast-food to luxury menus. For 4th of July every chef on the islands will prepare traditional meals like ribs, hot dogs, and corn.

Beach parties at their best

Hawaiian beaches are a paradise for surfing and water activities. 4th of July is a good motivation for a holiday full of adventure and new experiences. And if snorkeling and kayaking aren’t for you, enjoy a day of the spa or a relaxing tanning session on a beautiful beach.

A professional photo session to complete the adventure

A journey in the Hawaiian Islands deserves to be shared. Book a professional photo session and make sure your holiday photos document perfectly your adventures. You can choose a romantic beach photo session or a party mood funky session or whatever in between. Your Hawaii adventure is unique. Bring your friends and have a happy 4th of July!

Hawaii is a great place to be. Allow yourself to emerge into local atmosphere and enjoy the incredible landscape. Experience Hawaiian traditions and people, and celebrate 4th of July with enthusiasm and joy.