A professional photo session in Hawaii should be fun, entertaining, and different. After all, you don’t get to plan a Hawaiian holiday with your friends every day. The landscape is beautiful and inviting, people are welcoming, and the weather is almost always good. To help you relax and enjoy this experience, choose a few funny poses that will give you something to do and loosen the atmosphere.

Funny pose #1: The jump

One of the most popular poses for pictures with friends is the jump. This pose needs a professional photographer, good light, and a lot of energy. Gather all your forces and jump as high as you can. To make it more interesting, choose a special style of jumping. How about jumping a yoga pose? Or trying to imagine letters and write a word? Keep in mind that you’ll probably need several tries to perfect your moves. Stretch a little before this exercise to warm your muscles. It might be tiring but is fun!

Funny pose #2: The game of perspective creates funny poses

Pictures with unnatural perspectives are very funny. You can play with size, angle, and distance. Imagine you could hold the sun in your hand or recreate a scene from Gulliver’s travels. Put your imagination at work and see what you can come up with. Use the tropical scenery of Hawaii as a background and let the story begin!

Funny pose #3: The childhood games

Allow yourself to play and remember your childhood games. You can play beach volley or climb a tree, catch a freebie or try gymnastics flips. You can play catch, build a human pyramid, dance, or recreate any of your favorite games. In the heat of events, you’ll forget about the camera and enjoy a playful afternoon on a Hawaiian beach.

Funny pose #4: Nostalgia in funny poses

Staged group pictures can be replaced with funny pictures taken from above. Plan a photo session at sunset to benefit from the warm glow of the sun. Nothing looks better than happy faces smiling in the sun. If the photographer uses a drone, you can use your bodies as letters and write in the sand or recreate movie scenes. Be unique and unconventional, enjoy the company of your friends, and create unforgettable memories.

Funny poses are a great way to express your personality as a group. Choose an activity you all like, something that represents you as a group and allows each of you to have a role. Be the characters of your own story and be grateful for this amazing Hawaiian adventure.