Whether you come with your friends or family, Oahu provides everything you need to have a great time. From secluded beaches like Kahuku Beach to experiential resorts like Turtle Bay Resort, the island offers tranquility, beauty, and welcoming people. All you have to do is be curious and adventurous. Embrace Hawaiian culture, admire the stunning landscape, and allow yourself mindful moments around the island. Here are the top three things to do on the iconic Kahuku Beach.

Encounter turtles at Kahuku Beach

Kahuku Beach is almost always empty, populated just by fishermen and locals. This quiet place on the North Shore of the island may be the place of a unique meeting with Hawaiian green sea turtles. You can admire them and take photos, but don’t try to touch or grab them. Respect their privacy and the environment. Also, don’t leave garbage behind or make loud noises. After all, you are their guest. And if you behave, they might invite some whales for the party too.

Catch the waves

Although the beach has white sand and perfect conditions for sunbathing, it isn’t suited for swimming. But who would want to swim when Kahuku Beach provides outstanding waves for surfing and boogie boarding? Watch the surf report and forecast and choose the best time to go to the beach. If you aren’t a water sports fan, enjoy the waves near the shore and admire the amazing ocean view.

Have some quality family time

Because Kahuku Beach is so large and empty, it’s perfect for playing, running, and having fun with your family. Nobody will interrupt your games. Remember to bring enough water and food supplies because there aren’t any stores nearby. Kahuku Beach provides you fresh air and wild nature, away from the noise and pollution of a big city. Share this experience with your family and reconnect with the environment.

There are a lot of things to do in Oahu; some are in the tourist guides, some aren’t. Ask locals and resort staff for the best places on the island. As a result, you’ll discover popular landmarks and secluded places and you’ll have a real Hawaiian experience. After all, traveling is about discovering new places and cultures and experiencing unique adventures.