The history of Aloha wear began around the 1930s when local manufacturers started to produce and advertise short sleeve collared shirts made of colorful printed fabric. The print was a reflection of the Hawaiian environment and the shirts were a hit. Since then, Aloha wear became a leitmotif of Hawaii and a fashion icon of the islands.

Printed fabrics with flowers and birds aren’t just aesthetic, they’re also meaningful. The colors and motifs of the print celebrate the nature of Hawaii and the spirit of Aloha. The fabrics represent happiness, family, hope, joy, and love. Furthermore, they look fabulous in a professional photo session.

Connect with the environment

Embrace and celebrate the generosity of nature and match your outfit with the scenery. Aloha wear is all about the colors of the ocean, the richness of the tropical forest, and all the bright colors you can find. Choose natural materials and items produced with care for the environment. Remember Mahalo and live in gratitude.

Matching outfits for you and your loved one

Aloha wear may be a declaration of love. Match your outfit with your partner’s by choosing the same print or colors. You may choose your favorite color or motif, look up its meaning, and create a new tradition. Wearing matching outfits brings you closer together and creates a very romantic mood. With the amazing Hawaiian landscape as background, you can be sure you’ll have gorgeous holiday photos to share with your family and friends.

Aloha wear looks great on children

Aloha is about family and care. It’s only right that Hawaiian prints look great on children and enhance family connections. Children know nothing else than joy, happiness, and love. Their smiling faces complement the print and match the bright colors of the fabric. If you want, you can come up with a color palette for the entire family or choose a flower or a bird as the symbol of your family. Let your children choose the print. Their innocence guarantees the best results.

Aloha wear is a way of connecting with the environment and your loved ones. But it’s also a way of freeing yourself of misconceptions and dressing codes imposed by society. You don’t have to look or dress in a specific way to be happy, loved, and beautiful. Feel free to choose with your heart.

A’a i ka hula, waiho i ka maka’u i ka hale – Dare to dance, leave the shame at home