Maui has many adventures to offer and all this excitement will probably make you hungry. So take a break from water sports, sun bathing, and exploration and allow yourself a culinary experience. Auntie’s Kitchen is waiting for you near the South Lobby of the Westin Ka’anapali Ocean Resort Villas.

Indulge yourself with comfort food

Auntie’s Kitchen is a casual place where you can relax and enjoy a good meal. Here you’ll find traditional and island-style foods, prepared with love and attention to detail. The spirit of Aloha is in every dish, from burgers to seafood stew, to nachos and kale salad. For example, you may try the Kalua Pork or the Garlic Shrimp. They are savory to please the mouth and decorated with orchids to please the eye.

Take care of the Planet with sustainable food

While you admire the beauty of tropical forest, the serenity of the Pacific Ocean, and the luxuriant colors of Hawaiian flora, remember to keep them safe for future generations. Reduce plastic consumption, recycle everything you can, and have a sustainable lifestyle. At Auntie’s Kitchen, you’ll find only local, farm-fresh ingredients to remember you that we owe care and attention to the environment.

Enjoy traditional entertainment at Auntie’s Kitchen

Hawaii is renowned for amazing cocktails that gather all the flavors and colors of the islands. So you shouldn’t miss the Happy Hour at Auntie’s Kitchen bar and taste the freshness of a Hawaiian cocktail. Moreover, evenings are animated by live local entertainment and special events. It’s a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Emerge into local culture and discover the authentic Maui.

A holiday is a great opportunity to explore new places and try new things. Besides, Hawaii is a very generous destination as it provides amazing sceneries, rich traditions, and adventures full of adrenaline. Even if your agenda is full, reserve some time to taste the local cuisine, to get to know the people and their lifestyle, and to understand the strong connection between the locals and nature. Auntie’s Kitchen is a great place to begin with.