Although is hard to travel with small babies, the first birthday deserves the effort. Plus, if you choose a Hawaiian destination, you can count on five-star services, warm weather, and amazing landscapes for beautiful memories. Just imagine your baby’s first meeting with the ocean and get ready for an unforgettable intimate party on the beach. Don’t forget to book a professional photographer to capture the moment. Check out the following tips for a perfect first birthday in Hawaii!

The cake is mandatory for the first birthday party!

Even though babies don’t really eat cake, you and your family do. So bring a baby-friendly cake to celebrate the moment. You’ll have fun with candles and decorations and have a sweet snack on the beach. If the cake is on the menu, everybody’s happier and more relaxed. Don’t worry about delivery; Hawaiian resorts have a way of making your wishes come true.

Bring toys for a joyful birthday

When babies turn one, all they want to do is play and have fun. Bring your baby’s favorite toy and improvise other toys to keep the atmosphere calm and happy. Babies look great in pictures so you don’t need to stage pictures. Just have fun and allow your baby to play. The camera will capture the best moments, including portraits, environmental shots, and family snapshots.

Respect the baby’s schedule

Plan the photo session in such a way that it doesn’t interfere with the baby’s schedule. A hungry or sleepy baby isn’t in the mood for playing and modeling. Your baby’s first party should be scheduled during the playing time when the baby can enjoy the events. Just in case, bring all you might need, from something to eat to hygienic products, blankets, and clean clothes.

A baby’s first birthday is a family moment that should be celebrated. As is the second, third, and all other birthdays. Life should be celebrated every day. This is the most powerful message you take from the Hawaiian islands and their beautiful nature. And what better way to embrace life than through the eyes of a one-year-old baby?