Grandparents are an endless source of stories, kindness, and love. They have a unique role in your children’s life and development as they’ve gathered so much life experience and understanding. A photo session with the grandparents is an intimate and fun moment that everybody will cherish.

Sure, grandparents will be the ones who let your children run through rain puddles, paint with their fingers, and eat homemade sweets before dinner. But they are also the ones who always have time to read a story, invent a new game, or bake cookies with them. They are the ones who give balance and strength to your children. They are the roots.

Children and grandparents pictures

Hawaii is an amazing location for relaxed portraits and candid photographs. Whether you choose a secluded beach or a luxuriant tropical garden, make sure you let the youngest and the oldest generations have their own pictures. Grandparents have a special way of connecting with their grandchildren. They have their jokes and secret understandings, so they will soon forget about the camera and have a great time together.

Bring the entire family together

A professional photo session is the perfect opportunity for having the entire family in a single frame. Children, parents, and grandparents can share the same memory without feeling sorry for the one family member who took the picture. You also don’t have to worry about bad pictures, using the wrong light, or awkward cropping. A professional photographer will take care of everything.

Don’t forget about grandparents portraits

There is a special elegance and intimacy in the attitude of two people who have built a family and stayed together for so many years. Grandparents’ portraits in the warm Hawaiian landscape will show all their love and trust. Allow them to be more than your parents or your children’s grandparents. Allow them to be that young pair that fell in love years ago. Give them space for their own romantic story. The Hawaiian sunset may be a splendid background for a timeless portrait.

You’re blessed if you have the possibility to introduce your kids to your parents. These memories are unique and will stay with them all their life. Grandparents are a reference point that builds stability and trust. Embrace them with all your love and create unforgettable memories with a Hawaiian special photo session.