Choose Oahu for a three-generation family reunion. Embrace the tropical landscape and let the Hawaiian hospitality take care of everything. All you have to do is show up and enjoy a great vacation. From toddlers to grandparents, each family member will find the perfect conditions to relax, play, and connect. And to make the moment last forever, book a professional photo session on the amazing beaches of Oahu. Here are the top moments of a family photo session, illustrated in the beautiful décor of Marriott’s Ko Olina Beach Club.

Any family reunion starts with the grandparents

The picturesque lagoon at Marriott’s Ko Olina Beach Club is the perfect background to do grandparents’ portraits. It’s a serene place, with blue waters that fill you with tranquility and calm. Even if it’s a family reunion, each independent group should have portraits and close-ups. And what better way to share memories and love than two happy grandparents holding hands on a Hawaiian beach?

Children want to have fun

Let the children play and have fun. It’s their vacation too. Their energy and games will make everybody relax and laugh. The best way to convince them to pose for a photo session is to allow them to be themselves. Give them a game or something to do and they’ll forget about the camera. There’re plenty of new things to discover and explore on a Hawaiian beach.

Silhouettes in the sunset

Hawaiian islands are famous for their beaches and stunning sunsets. End the family reunion photo session at sunset, admiring the colorful sky and looking forward to a new day together. Be grateful for your family and the deep love you share. You’re lucky to be here, surrounded by love and beauty. The spirit of Aloha will fill your heart with tenderness and affection.

A family reunion is a moment of grace. For a short moment, time stops and allows us to tell stories, laugh, and cry together. We experience the world as a united group, connected by unconditional love and trust. We’re stronger and happier together. But, in this busy world, we hardly find time to remember our parents and grandparents. So cherish a family gathering and capture its magic in beautiful pictures.