We’re full of doubts, requests, and fears but it actually takes only a moment to realize that you want to spend your life with a person. After that, all you have to do is plan the perfect proposal and find a way to manage your emotions. Booking a professional photographer can help you with both issues. They know the best locations and, although they do get emotional, they’re too professional to show it. A professional photographer will hide quietly and capture the beginning of the rest of your lives in high quality pictures.

Choose the best location for your proposal

Hawaii is an idyllic location where many couples go on holiday. It gives you the benefit of the doubt and your partner will never suspect a thing. There’re many things to do and see in Hawaii and you can choose a location or an activity that suits you both. Many choose romantic beaches at sunset or luxuriant tropical gardens but many also choose adventurous trips, water sports, and ordinary leisure moments. It’s a hard decision but Hawaii provides a wide range of possibilities.

Choose the best moment for your proposal photo session

After the big surprise your photo session will continue to record sweet and emotional moments. So don’t plan it before dinner or check out. Take some time to enjoy a unique experience and share precious time with your partner. Discuss with your photographer and make them accomplices to your big day. You’ll be surprised of how many great ideas they have.

Remember the spirit of Aloha

Aloha means love, affection, peace, and compassion. It’s not something you’ve read in a book or seen in a movie. Plan the proposal just for the two of you, considering what you like and dislike and not thinking about what other people think. You want to wear shorts? Do it! You want to get in one knee in a kayak? Do it! You want an engagement ring made of flowers? Why not? This special moment should please your hearts and nothing else.

Booking a professional photo session for this amazing moment doubles the surprise. Not only that you’ll have the proof to share with your friends and family but you’ll have the most precious expression of love printed on paper. It’s a memory that will be with you forever. Happiness always looks good!