Many photographers choose to turn their lenses to couple photography. Photographing people in love and their special moments is always rewarding. Still, couple photography is also challenging as it’s hard to come up with new ideas and avoid clichés. Here are some tips for great couple photo sessions.

A perfect destination for beach photographs

If you’re looking for a perfect destination for honeymoon, engagement, or any other couple related event, choose Hawaii. More specifically, choose the north shore of Oahu. A good location is the first step of your journey to stunning photographs. And what better place than a beautiful beach?

Beach photo session in Oahu, Hawaii

Oahu is the third largest island of Hawaii and home for the state’s capital, Honolulu. On the south shore, near the capital, there is Waikiki Beach, where hotels appeared in the 1880s. On the north shore, there is Turtle Bay, a place full of inspirations and opportunities for a photographer.

Romanticism or adventure in couple photography? Try both!

Couple photography is essential related to showing feelings and emotions. Each couple is different though, and some may wish to have a romantic photo session on a deserted beach while others may wish a unique surf experience. As a photographer you should be prepared to fulfill your clients’ wishes.

Turtle Bay photo session

At Turtle Bay Resort you can find breathtaking beaches, endless coastline to explore, and the world’s most famous surf contest. Local photographers can guide you through trekking trails, helicopter trips, and kayaking experiences.

The best couple photographer is nowhere to be seen

Often couple photo sessions are staged in the smallest details. The photographer insists to use well-known postures and activities and forgets that people aren’t actors. Allow your subjects to enjoy the landscape and each other. Allow them to show affection in a natural and unique manner.

Give them space is probably the best idea you can have. The couple should have fun and enough intimacy to feel comfortable. Sometimes the best couple photograph shows two lovely silhouettes on the serene sunset in Oahu.

If we’ve convinced you that couple photography needs some fresh air, begin by choosing an amazing location. That’s no wonder that Oahu photography features mostly people and nature. Whether they are here on holiday, honeymoon, or business travel, they all enjoy the welcoming environment. You can see the beauty of nature on their faces.