Life is beautiful and full of surprises. We should be grateful for each sun ray, smile, and moment spent together. And what happier moment can be for a young couple than the birth of their child? A maternity photo session celebrates an accomplished love and the emotions of becoming a parent. But sometimes, a maternity photo session may be more than that. It may be the trigger for a new beginning.

A maternity photo session on the Hawaiian beaches

For this couple, the arrival of their baby was the reason to organize a beach photo session. The amazing beaches of Hawaii are vibrant and romantic. They connect you with nature and teach you precious lessons about life and time.  A perfect place to enjoy the miracle of being an expectant parent. Embrace the calm of the ocean and the serenity of the beaches and fill with the good energy of Hawaii.

The excitement of a surprise proposal

Followed by the gentle eye of the photographer, the couple embraced the tropical landscape, allowed the ocean to be the witness of their love, and had eyes only for each other. We’re always happy to be part of your memories. And we’re even happier when we can help you plan a surprise proposal and impress your partner. Yes, what started as a peaceful maternity photo session ended up as a romantic proposal. And we’re honored to be allowed to capture this graceful moment on camera.

We live challenging times that seem to have put life on hold. But the truth is time passes by as always and we should make the best of it. Like Allen Saunders once said, “Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.” Seeing this young couple living a beautiful moment and making plans for a future together made us appreciate even more the power of photography to catch a moment and make it never-to-be-forgotten.