Here at Blinnk Photography, we believe in incorporating this beautiful land around us to make your photographs as beautiful and candid as possible. If you were not aware, we do not use a studio for photo sessions; we only shoot outdoors. This can be difficult because we have to compete with changing weather, changing light, and lots of tourists sometimes interrupting the background of an otherwise perfect shot.

Many people get discouraged when they think about going to a busy beach with a lot of people walking and swimming, but the Blinnk Photography team is well trained to handle this! Our photographers are always coming up with new tricks to minimize the people, movement, and activities going on behind our subjects.

Our goal is for you – and only you – to be the focus of our photographs, which sometimes requires us to get creative and try different positions, wait a couple extra seconds for someone to pass by, move you or ourselves to get different angles, or use you to block out the activity going on in the background. The Blinnk team wants nothing more than to make sure you and your party are pleased with your photographs, and we will do everything we can to make sure that you are the center of attention!

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– written by Alicia (Big Island / Maui / Oahu)