Young love can be enchanting. Young love can also last a lifetime. For those of you who believe don’t believe in love, Eddi and Jeff Burgess will exemplify why faith in finding true love is worth the wait.

18 years ago, Eddi and Jeff fell in love, and as the years transcended their family grew, memories where made, and obstacles where overcome. Their love continued to blossom and along the road of their of happiness, Eddi and Jeff never felt the pressure to marry. They knew their devotion to one another was authentic, never wavering.

The day came however, that their children grew and were off creating families of their own.  Life seemed to slow down.  The day came that they decided to tie the knot. We were honored this summer when Eddi Marie and Jeff Burgess decided to elope on the alluring grounds of the Waikoloa Beach Marriott Resort and Spa and that they choose us, the artist of Blinnk Photography, to capture their wedding, 18 years in the making.

The lush tropics and the blue waters of Hawaii served as a spectacular backdrop to their noteworthy ceremony. Eddi, Jeff, and their family reveled in the triumph of love. Truth is told it is not about the title of marriage, but the quality of life withheld within it.